5 Tips to Building High-Performance Teams

building a high performance team

It’s the goal of every company to create a high-performance workplace. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but the most important is focusing on your people. When you create a high-performance team, a high-performance workplace is likely to follow.

Set Clear Expectations

Recent research shows that only half of employees strongly agree that they know what’s expected of them at work. This is unacceptable. When workers don’t know their own goals, how are they supposed to accomplish those of the company? If you explain to team members what’s expected of them, and hold them accountable to it, you increase your chances of establishing a high-performance team.

Involve Every Member in the Decision-Making Process

No Super Bowl or World Series has ever been won by a single person. Performing at optimum requires a team effort, and this is just as true in the business world. When important company decisions arise, involve the entire team in the decision-making process. While the final decision may be made by senior team members, seeking this input will make your people feel valued as well as often result in great new ideas.

Be Aware of How Every Member Works Best

You must never forget that everyone learns in different ways. While some learn simply by seeing, others need to experience things first-hand. Also, many team members work best in solitude, while others may perform better in hectic situations.

Your team will produce the best results when they work in their element most often. Take the time to figure out the environment in which each team member works best, and once you discover this, foster an environment that plays to the majority of your people’s strengths.

Create a Workplace that Encourages Innovation

A recent study found that “fear of being held responsible for mistakes or failures” was the main reason workers didn’t take more responsibility in the workplace. Such an environment is not productive if you want to create a high performance workplace.

If employees are afraid to bring forth or execute on innovative ideas, performance will suffer. This results in a sub-optimal performance environment, rather than establishing a culture that rewards innovation through the taking of educated and calculated risks.

Show Appreciation for Employees

If you want a high performance team, take every chance to acknowledge and thank your workers for exceptional work. National statistics show that of workers who consider new jobs, nearly 60 percent do it because they don’t feel fully appreciated by their current employer. Allowing this feeling to persist will lose great talent and erode high performance culture.

It’s easy to explain how to create a high-performance team; executing on it is more complicated. When you’re ready to create that high-performance workplace, contact us for a free performance climate assessment. It will be well worth the effort.

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