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The following is a guest post from Ashley Brinn Kletke, Sr. Manager, Wellbeing, Stryker Instruments An Olympic racer’s training is not all out, every day. Instead, hard sessions of exertion are followed by restful periods in which the athlete’s body replenishes its energy reserves. During these recovery days, the body has a chance to repair stressed muscle tissues and to reset its healthy chemical balance, all the while processing the workout and growing stronger because of it. Without a rhythm of natural recovery periods, the athlete cannot perform at his or her best. This exertion–recovery rhythm is equally crucial for other high-performance work. To operate at peak effectiveness in our careers, we must honor the need for recovery and reflection on our experiences.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters These days, being a responsible participant in the larger society is not optional for your company. To position your brand as a forward-thinking corporate citizen, you must take authentic steps to provide solutions to common human problems in the world around you. Valuing corporate social responsibility, or CRS, will not only benefit your larger community, but it will also provide you with specific organizational benefits. Here are our top five reasons why corporate social responsibility should matter to your company, in addition to common good it brings society.

[caption id="attachment_543" align="alignnone" width="1024"]The Performance pH Executive Team The Performance pH Executive Team: Hank Orme, Mack LeBaron, Nikki Hudsmith and John Harris[/caption] You probably already know that improving employee retention will drastically decrease your HR costs, but in case you had any doubts, this pH research review might bring you more clarity. You’re undoubtedly also aware that your company will enjoy numerous other important benefits when your workforce is stable, happy, and engaged. The question in every manager’s mind, though, is: “How?” Here are four ways to create a workplace that will significantly improve employee retention.

Employees being effectively motivated by leadership team

Your workplace’s productivity rate is not achieved simply through your business model. Instead, it depends heavily on the level of motivation of your people. Here’s what you need to know about having a motivated workforce, why it matters and your role in inspiring your employees to greatness.

building a high performance team It's the goal of every company to create a high-performance workplace. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but the most important is focusing on your people. When you create a high-performance team, a high-performance workplace is likely to follow.

Dart board representing SMART management goals Annual performance reviews are on the horizon, and it's time to start setting goals for 2016. Goal setting is an important part of annual performance reviews because without goals, performance isn't easily measured. Employees want to see how their performance contributes to organizational effectiveness, and setting goals makes this connection explicit for them. Goal setting also provides your employees with a clear vision - one that helps define your organizational values and shapes great company culture. The best starting point for perfecting your performance-based assessments is to use SMART management goals.