Cultures that Inspire. Metrics that Matter.

Introducing Performance pH, a strategic advisory firm focused on optimizing business performance, revolutionizing culture and boosting your company’s top and bottom line.

Metrics and inspiration are not mutually exclusive.

I read recently that there is only one reason to start a business. Believe it or not, that reason isn’t to make money or to be independent. The only reason to start a business is to change the world. That’s a very bold statement, and the idea has stuck with me. The more I consider it, the more I appreciate its truth. Think about it, the American worker spends more time at work than anyone else in the industrialized world, an average of 1,896 hours a year, and we know the workplace impacts all workers’ overall well-being.

Depending on how the business is led, it can inspire wellness, can impact communities, provide livelihoods, and deliver products and services that revolutionize every aspect of our world. Progress and comfort and prosperity and inspiration – all of this can be credited, ultimately and at least on some level, to a business somewhere.

Then the ultimate illumination: that is why we started this business. Performance pH was created with the sole purpose of nurturing businesses to become the greatest they can be, optimizing business performance to build and strengthen them to change the world. Our uniquely experienced team leverages our Big Three to revolutionize your workforce and your business.

The Big Three?  Organizational foundation, engagement, vitality. We’ve found being superior in these three areas is what makes good businesses great … businesses with healthy bottom lines and inspired colleagues ready to change the world. The Big Three is about balancing your people metrics with your operational metrics to create a high-performing culture.

Every CEO/President desires to have a high performing culture – we call it organizational foundation – but, many do not focus on the right things to create and maintain an ideal culture. To build that culture you may not think of data and analytics as a first step, but believe me, utilizing and leveraging these metrics is vital in building an organizational foundation that will differentiate your company, increase your bottom line and change the world.

An example. When I was President of Lincoln Industries we wanted our people to look forward to coming to work four out of five days, and when they left at the end of their day we wanted each to feel like they had accomplished something significant four out of five days. We truly fostered a wellness-driven environment. Think about how amazing it would be to work in an environment where that was your experience! Pretty great, which is why Lincoln Industries has been named, several times, to the Best Small & Medium Workplaces list. Think of all that you would bring to your job, all the energy and excitement and drive that you would wrap around your work, because you were appreciated, informed and prepared.

You will note we did not expect a perfect score – all five days in a week – because that’s not realistic. This goal applied to all employees, not just executives, but middle managers and everyone else in the building, in the field working with customers or suppliers and those on the plant floor.

To achieve it we created behavior that gave equal status to Financial/Operational metrics and Cultural Metrics. The two measurements working in tandem created overall great performance, better top line, better bottom line.

The lowest point of the recent economic downturn shined a light on the real success of our approach. Employees’ performance maintained a high level compared to our competition and peers in our space.

Now, as we emerge from the recession we are working to further institutionalize our processes and continue to improve on the model.

We have happy, healthy people at Lincoln Industries. We know it. We’ve won awards for it. We know this approach works. We know that metrics, applied with insight, can drive real and sustainable improvements in an organization’s culture.

We are impacting lives and changing the world there. Now with Performance pH as your business partner, you can do it, too.

Hank Orme of Performance pH

Hank Orme is a partner at Performance pH, a seasoned CEO and a devoted practitioner of developing well-being cultures. An avid mountain climber, he is half way to his goal of climbing 50 of the world’s 14ers.

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