Effective Communication During an Executive Job Search

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The following is a post by Sal Balistreri, founder of Balistreri Consulting. This post originally appeared on http://balistrericonsulting.com/2016/02/communication-and-transparency/

When executing an executive search for clients, it is vital to communicate next steps with candidates who are interviewing for the position. My firm is a big believer in keeping all candidates in the loop so they have a real-time understanding of where they sit within the process.

Here is an example of how we recently handled a communication to let our top candidates understand their position in the process:


Good Morning to Top Candidates,

(I have blind copied all five of you for this email message).

First of all, congratulations in making it this far. My firm has contacted over 135 people thus far for this position and you have made it to the top 5. That says much about you and your respective skills and culture fit.

Second, we will be presenting your candidacy to our client on Feb 15th.

Typically, our client will  select at least 2 or 3 candidates to bring back to interview in person. Your chances are fairly good then that this will happen.

I will get back to everyone on Feb 16th to communicate the results of the client meeting. 

Please let me know if anything has changed about your high degree of interest in the position before Feb 15th. 

In the meantime, thank you for participating in this process. You are all top professionals in your field and we wish you continued good luck with this interview process. 


Always be transparent and “over communicate” to candidates during the interview process and next steps. This approach will create a secure feeling among candidates that your firm was the best recruiting firm they ever worked with and your firm will earn a reputation for being transparent and genuine. Candidates will echo a best in class process for you in the market place.



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