HERO membership growth points to evidence-based health management as emerging business imperative.

Performance pH, a strategic advisory firm guiding companies to achieve optimal performance, is proud to announce today it is the 100th member to join the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), the national leader in employee health management knowledge, research and innovation. Performance pH takes its place as the 100th HERO member organization at a time of great significance: as business leaders increasingly implement evidence-based health management, the practice is transitioning from innovation to a core business imperative. This trend is in keeping with the ever-increasing complexity of health care and the emergence of organizations like HERO that are leading the way toward innovative, proven and practical solutions to the health care problem American businesses are facing. “Performance pH exists to lead companies to achieve optimum performance,” said Hank Orme, principal at Performance pH. “Employee health management is a big part of what we do because it impacts the vitality and engagement of the individual. Collectively, when individual employees have superior vitality and engagement, they out-perform their competition. "We joined HERO,” Orme continued, “not to add the logo on our sales deck, but because we have valuable insight and experience in employee health management. HERO is the place where the leaders in the field meet and collaborate to learn from and help each other. We are proud to be a part of it.” Executives from Performance pH participate in HERO Think Tank meetings, education, advocacy and other research and teaching opportunities. Performance pH was created in 2012 by veteran corporate, healthcare and well-being executives seeking to drive companies to greatness through entrepreneurship, best business practices, innovative population-based well-being insights, and data-driven analytics. The company works with clients to devise customized strategies to shape the kind of organization they want to become and lay out a clear plan for getting there.


About Performance pH Find the balance. Achieve Optimal Performance. Based in Noblesville, Indiana and founded in 2012, Performance pH enables companies to perform at their optimal potential. The company is an innovative strategic advisory firm balancing operations and organizational foundation to transform business. To learn more, visit performanceph.artifact.film. Follow Performance pH on Twitter: @performanceph. Media Contact:
Melissa Wyllie