Understand your performance.

Performance pH’s Performance Climate Survey is a powerful diagnostic tool that provides valuable insights into your organization’s performance capabilities. This web-based survey includes 30 questions and takes the average user less than 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will receive a comprehensive report that will include information on where your organization currently stands on the performance hierarchy, a detailed review of your organization’s strengths and opportunities, and suggestions for improving your organization’s position on the hierarchy.

The Performance Climate Survey is based on decades of research in the field of organizational performance. Performance pH analyzed more than 350 research studies to determine the key areas of organizational performance and the elements within each area that define how organizations fit into the performance hierarchy.

The Performance Climate Survey quantifies where an organization, department, or even smaller unit of people fall on the hierarchy of performance. Performance pH is able to administer the Performance Climate Survey to an entire organizational population or gain valuable information through only a representative sample.

The survey includes 30 questions, rated on a 5-point scale, in 10 different areas of organizational performance:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Applied Metrics
  • Intentional Culture
  • Colleague Well-Being
  • Growth and Development
  • Colleague Empowerment
  • Relational Trust
  • Colleague Selection
  • Strategic Communications
  • Work Environment

The scores for these categories identify the strengths and opportunities that exist, and lead to specific suggestions for improving your organizational performance. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the correlation between high performance, growth, and financial benefits.

While the full climate survey provides the deepest analytics into your performance improvement opportunities, a 10-question version is available to provide a general overview of your organization’s performance climate strengths and weaknesses. Find the survey below.