4 Clear Signs that You Need Performance Management Consulting

Performance management consulting office

Do you sometimes wonder if your staff is performing up to its full potential? Sometimes it’s hard to judge whether you have a real performance gap, or are simply facing some difficult industry trends. Here are four straightforward diagnostic questions that can help you arrive at a clear answer and determine if your team needs performance management consulting:

1. You Have a High Turnover Rate

Employee retention percentages vary from one industry to another, but it’s important to know how your company stands in comparison with others in your field. The figures on this chart of turnover rates break down the percentage of churn by industry. If your company is losing significantly more workers than others in your field, it’s time to consider whether you need some guidance to upgrade your employer brand.

2. Employees are Regularly Missing Their Goals

If this problem sounds familiar to you, it may not be a simple matter of sub-par employee dedication. Often a mismatch between goals and outcomes is due to employee confusion, resulting from managers not clearly conveying their expectations. Has your management used SMART goals? Implementing the SMART goals process will eliminate confusion and improve workers’ alignment with company values.

3. Employees Are Surprised by Performance Reviews

By the time you sit down for a performance review with one of your staff, they should be well aware of every point you plan to discuss. Effective managers review and guide their employees’ performance on a continuous basis, providing steady mentoring and constructive feedback. An employee who is taken aback by unexpected commentary is a very clear sign that you need performance management consulting.

4. Employees Aren’t Working Towards Personal Development

Your employees should always feel that they are moving forward in their careers. While this may not seem to provide direct benefit to your company, it is actually essential to retaining your workers. If they don’t feel that they are benefiting from their position with you, they will jump back into the job market. Savvy managers keep up with their team’s individual goals, and make it a habit to see how their day-to-day work fits into their goals.

Skillful handling of your employees is an essential building block to your company’s long-term health. To learn more about how to optimize your human capital, contact us for a free performance management consulting quote.

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