Our customized strategies
will guide you to high performance.

We are progressive strategic advisors who create measurable business transformation strategies that lead to optimal business performance. We identify pathways to better business performance, the foundation of which is a performance-oriented culture. The result is growth for your people and your organization.


Performance pH offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help organizations redefine their overall business performance strategies. Our extensive and customized solutions enable organizations to determine their unique path to stronger business performance. Some of our solutions include:

Organizational Assessments

Performance pH has developed a customized approach to measuring culture, engagement and organizational performance in a way that drives better strategy and better business decisions. Company culture is a critical element of the performance, so businesses must be purposeful about establishing who they really are. This sets the tone for how colleagues perform and how customers are impressed.

Performance pH has several customizable survey tools designed to better understand how culture and engagement impact overall organizational performance. Our in-depth surveys are user-friendly and simple to implement, and our database of benchmarks provide additional insights into how your organization compares to other similar organizations.

High-Performance Culture Planning

While most organizations plan for company sales and operations, few effectively plan for the ongoing development of a high-performing culture. Yet, this type of planning is foundational for any organization that wants to achieve the highest level of organizational performance.

Performance pH provides a comprehensive approach for performance culture strategic planning that will ensure the development of a clear strategy that can be utilized to align resources to the critical objectives of the organization. The performance culture action plan focuses on defining the desired performance culture, and then determining the actions that are required to reach those aspirations.

Accountability and Empowerment Solutions

Accountability and empowerment go hand-in-hand, yet most organizations struggle with how to empower colleagues to take action and then how to hold them accountable for achieving their objectives. Empowerment and accountability are essential to high-performance and involves assigning owners, identifying timelines and metrics for objectives and tasks, determining how success will be measured, and then entrusting colleagues to effectively do their jobs.

Performance pH provides the foundation, infrastructure, and tools organizations need to execute on empowerment and accountability. This includes the development of a customized dashboard that can be used on a monthly basis to track progress on the high-performance culture plan.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Excellence series is designed to cultivate leaders who are engaged with the mission, values and vision of your organization, aligned with your overall performance strategy, and have the skills needed to drive the highest levels of performance within your organization. When a company is able to identify a core group of leadership capabilities that are essential to their success, and executes on these capabilities flawlessly, substantially better performance can be achieved.

Leadership Excellence is a four-part training course designed for leaders at every level of an organization. Developed for everyone from new managers to tenured leaders, Leadership Excellence provides the opportunity to evolve from managing daily tasks to becoming a transformational leader. “Graduates” of Leadership Excellence possess the ability to create large shifts in organizational thinking, which leads to positive shifts in the behaviors of colleagues, and ultimately a team that achieves extraordinary performance.

Executive Coaching

As business environments continue to become more complex, leaders often look to executive coaches to provide guidance. Executive coaches can be a critical part of a leader’s personal growth process, providing information, opinions, and judgment in key areas.

Performance pH’s executive coaching program is aimed at improving the performance of senior executives within an organization and challenging executives to achieve greater levels of success. Delivered by the senior partners at Performance pH, executive coaching sessions will provide your executives with an opportunity to grow their skills and effectiveness in areas such as self-awareness, relational skills, personality capacities, and leadership values.