Business Owners Discussing Performance Management Trends for 2016

Managing your employees is a complex task, especially when the trends and standards for how to do it are constantly changing. As the most recent generation of performance management — so heavily dependent on ranking and evaluations — falls to the wayside, new techniques are coming to the fore. Here are some of the top performance management trends that we expect to see this year.

Employees motivated by employee engagement framework

In today's business environment, organizations must make the most of every worker. One way to help make this happen is to put energy into building a collaborative relationship between the employee and the employer. If workers feel they are valued, they are more likely to do their best work. To optimize the value of every worker, you need to take an objective look at employee engagement.

Receptionists at companies with amazing performance management models

If you’ve struggled with performance management, you may wonder how the top performers in your industry do it successfully. Although it’s a complex undertaking, examining some of the biggest and best names in performance management can yield important insights. Interestingly, what you begin to discover is that for top performing companies, “performance management” is more about “performance empowerment.” Take a look at what these three top performers do.

This Valentine's Day, we asked you to share your opinions on workplace romance with a quick 5-question quiz. The results are in, and our informal survey reflects a similar theme from a 2013 Society for Human Resource Managment study on the phenomenon: Workplace Romance happens frequently,...