Your Corporate Culture Is Designed By Your Executives

In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical that organizations cultivate high-performance cultures to increase employee retention, engagement and productivity. Leaders must focus on attracting talent and managing teams that build successful organizations that progress over time.

High-performance cultures attract the right team members, who are empowered and motivated to excel, yielding increased profitability and growth. But high-performance culture does not develop by chance. It starts at the top, with executives outlining, embracing and living the desired culture on a daily basis.

How Can You Ensure Your Culture Is Purposefully High-PerformingCreating High Performance Cultures

A high-performance culture is the result of deliberate discussion, planning and building high-performance teams. It lives and breathes, evolving over time as the organization matures. So how do high-performing organizations build such a culture?

Make Performance Culture a Priority

When on-boarding new employees, discuss how developing high-performance teams is one of the organization’s top goals. Continue to address high-performing culture in team member interactions, performance appraisals, and customer experience management. Employees who demonstrate high-performance behaviors should be recognized and rewarded as your models for everyone else.

Continuously Reinforce High-Performance Culture

High-performance culture should continuously be reinforced through daily operations. Executive priority and communication consistency will build advocacy for the cultural message.

Involve Everyone in Culture Discussions

While executives are responsible for developing culture, employees are the people who make it a reality. Everyone should have the opportunity to discuss cultural strengths and opportunities. This invests all employees in the culture itself.

How Can You Measure and Evaluate Your Culture?

High-performance culture must constantly be monitored to ensure its ongoing success. Instead of making assumptions about cultural effectiveness, ask employees directly. Leverage diagnostic surveys such as the Performance PH Climate Survey to make your culture tangible. Then, employ ongoing improvement efforts that continuously take your performance-culture to the next level. This ensures that the majority of your people are invested in high-performance culture, and that you leverage your high-performance culture as a strategic asset.

How Can Your Company Culture Be Used to Your Benefit?

Companies with high-performance cultures enjoy a variety of benefits, including reduced turnover, increased profitability, and consistent growth. These companies also have the opportunity to leverage their cultures in other ways, including:

Marketing It

Talented employees look for and remain with companies that provide the right cultural fit – and customers do the same. Once your organization has achieved a culture you’re proud of, market it to attract and retain high-value employees and customers alike.

Leveraging It

For high-performing companies, the culture is purposefully leveraged as a strategic asset. Their culture is not simply something they have, but in fact, it is who they are. Such organizations continually monitor key cultural variables, and mindfully advance their high-performing cultures. As a result they continually out-perform the competition, year after year!

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