How Zappos Retains the Right Talent

zappos employees discussing employee retention secrets

As of 2015, Zappos had a record-shattering workforce voluntary turnover rate of 13 percent. Replacing workers who leave the company is not a problem; it receives over 30,000 applications for the 300 jobs that open there each year. This impressive corporate charisma is the result of outstanding management practices, some of which you may find easily applicable to your own business. Here are four Zappos employee retention secrets:

Zappos Gives Employees the Tools to Succeed

Retaining exceptional employees begins with giving them what they need to do their job well. Zappos places trust in its customer service reps, giving them the authority to provide a “WOW experience” to anyone who calls. This may include anything from refunding money to an unhappy customer to sending her a surprise bouquet of flowers.

Zappos Allows Employees to Be Themselves

Company culture is central to Zappos — the company even produces an annual “Culture Book” — and employees shape that culture by being themselves. From a relaxed dress code to quarterly talent shows that mix serious presentations with employee music and skits, Zappos demonstrates that it prizes originality.

Zappos Supports Continuous Learning

From the moment new hires join Zappos, they encounter a culture of learning. The first four weeks of employment consist of a training program, and employees have access to 30 different courses created by an in-house training team named Pipeline. These classes are focused on helping employees learn advanced skills that interest them personally and benefit the company as a whole. Each employee is encouraged to propose one improvement per week that expresses Zappos core values.

Zappos Helps Employees Accomplish their Goals

Zappos believes that treating customers well begins with treating its own employees well. Management stands solidly behind its staff, paying for an on-site life coach to ensure that employees are working in alignment with their own personal goals and passions.

How does your business compare to this? Come explore these 10 signs that you have a great company culture, and decide for yourself. It’s important to note that not all companies can (or should) operate this way; while the culture works well for Zappos, every company has its unique personality and challenges.

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